Floriana Vallenti (saluta_italiana) wrote in gakuenaph_dr,
Floriana Vallenti

Who:  Floriana Vargas (fem!Italy)
What:  Looking at some baby birds in a nest.
Where: Outside, in a tree.
When: Afternoon (After school? I don't know if Gakuen is on summer break or not, haha)
Why: Because they looked super cute.

[Her legs carelessly straddle the branch she was on as she leaned forward to glance down at the tiny grey balls of fluff -- three baby birds chirping in their nest of twigs. She was just watching them curiously, eyes wide and bright as the little animals spoke to her. There was no intent on touching them, of course, since Floriana loved animals enough to know better, though it would always be tempting to just grab them all in her arms and keep them forever. But no. The Italian simply watches them from a safe distance]

[Another reason for being in a tree? Floriana was just a little stuck, and scared to climb back down. Birdies kept her occupied for the time being]
Tags: n.italy
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