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Who: Felicianota Vargas
What: Commandeering the school kitchen.
Where: Uh. School kitchen. By the stove.
When: After classes, but before dark.
Why: To make a heap-load of pasta, of course.

Pasta for all~!Collapse )


Who: That Mysterious Character Francis Bonnefoy
What: Sneaking around, trying to be inconspicuous
Where: Along the walls of the school, on the way to the front door
When: Sometime before classes
Why: It's a secret you need to find out for yourself, cherie. Though he'd rather you didn't.

Quoi? Never seen an undercover celebrity before?Collapse )


Not... New. Guess who~ XD

Who: Julia "Julchen" Beilschmidt
What: Walking  
Where: Down a hallway
When: Sometime during a school day
Why: Um... she has to get to class? To lunch?

There is something stuck on her back...Collapse )


First time using a dressing room. :D...

Who: Arthur Kirkland [Student Council president]
What: Smoking
Where: School roof
When: During club time
Why: Stress. There's simply too much work for him to do!

DoodeedooCollapse )


Who: Meíli-Liu Xiang |Taiwan|
What: Reading a yuri book she bought this morning.
Where: The library.
When: About 08:25 AM on a Tuesday.
Why: She couldn't wait until school ended, and decided to skip one class.

Screw Math, I have femslash~Collapse )


Oh my god, it's been so long

Who: Niels Jørgensen (Denmark)
What: Napping on the sofa with a book lying on his stomach.
Where: The boy dormitory's common room.
When: In the evening, after dinner.
Why: Niels tried to read it at least. Moby Dick, which his teacher had required students to read over the weekend, was incredibly long and boring.

This is why he didn't pick up booksCollapse )


We have nothing witty to say... ^_~

Who: Francis Bonnefoy
What: Sitting in a booth
Where: School's main gate
When: Before classes
Why: Offering his services



(Bastard), how may I serve you?

Who: Alice Kirkland
What: Lost, but pretending she's where she's supposed to be
Where: (Your character's gender's) Dormitory Hallway
When: Weekend
Why: In search of a couple of troublemakers

Would you please allow me to chop off your g**lies and t*dger to serve on the platter, Sir? Collapse )


I've been here before! :O

Who: America F. Jones | Self-chosen alias: Noelle
What: Practicing her stalking spying skills
Where: Wherever your character is.
When: After classes
Why: She wants to be a C.I.A. espionage agent someday.

She's been reading up!Collapse )


New Muse~ X3 Welcome back guys!

Who: Lili Zwingli
What: Knitting a sweater... Until she fell asleep
Where: the Library
When: Saturday afternoon
Why: Her new teddy bear would just look cute with one.

That's a pretty small sweaterCollapse )