Niels Jørgensen (beerandschnapps) wrote in gakuenaph_dr,
Niels Jørgensen

Who: Niels Jørgensen
What:  Trying to save the world of a zombie attack?
Where:  Boys dorm, common room.
When: In the evening. He's had enough beer to make his night all sorts of special.
Why: Alcohol is considered a hobby of sorts. Maybe?

[With heroic vigor, Neils places his foot atop the wooden coffee table, face flush and sporting a jolly grin] My good people~! [His voice is slurred from the beer he had guzzled earlier -- and is that a baseball bat in his hand? It was equally hard to tell who Neils was speaking to, considering the room was empty of occupants (all of whom he probably scared away), minus one little stuffed bird] There's no more time for dillydallying~! We gotta get rid of epidemic tonight, or we're goners! Who's with me?

[He throws his fist in the air, like he's commanding the most awesome army ever right here. His army of stuffed animals -- At least they listen to his great words. Niels definitely doesn't play too many video games in his free time] Alright! 
Tags: denmark
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