Ludwig Beilschmidt (dogsnwurst) wrote in gakuenaph_dr,
Ludwig Beilschmidt

This is the most awkward situation I could think of. OTZ /fail

Who: Ludwig Beilschmidt
What: Staring in horror at his locker
Where: School hallway
When: Before lunch
Why: Someone broke in and filled it with pink hearts.

His first thought, once he got past the horrible, eye-wrenching color and the thought that Feliciano just might kill him, was that it was a prank. Then, after glancing at the various love-filled comments scrawled in huge, bubbly letters across the different sized pink hearts, he wasn't so sure. SURELY everyone, their mother and even the freshman girls knew that he was taken? Right? RIGHT? Or maybe it was a prank by a guy and they just dragged a poor, innocent --or if it was Liz, NAUGHTY-- girl into it.

The tall German, whom was probably capable of snapping people in half if he wanted to, took a step back in abject fear. The color had drained from his cheeks as his mind raced to figure out what to do. Should he report it? No, it might get to his father, and God knows how THAT will end up. Should he tell Gilb--No, that was the worst idea one could POSSIBLY think of.

Sighing, Ludwig eventually rubbed his face and reached in to peel the horrible-looking cut-outs from the walls of his locker.

(OOC: Feel free to be the person that broke in  (or knows who did it) and/or tease him and/or offer to help and/or mock him until he dies. :D)
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