Niels Jørgensen (beerandschnapps) wrote in gakuenaph_dr,
Niels Jørgensen

Oh my god, it's been so long

Who: Niels Jørgensen (Denmark)
What: Napping on the sofa with a book lying on his stomach.
Where: The boy dormitory's common room.
When: In the evening, after dinner.
Why: Niels tried to read it at least. Moby Dick, which his teacher had required students to read over the weekend, was incredibly long and boring.

[This was why he didn't pick up books. They did nothing for him except lull him to sleep, though not before suffering a slow and painful death by dull, old-timey prose. He got through a page... then his eyelids grew heavy. A minute more, and Niels decided that there was nothing wrong with resting his eyes for a bit, just a couple of seconds, before continuing with his homework.]

[Nope. His grip grew lax, and eventually the book fell onto his stomach -- which did nothing to disturb the nap he was now indulging in]

[He'd blame food for this. What kind of normal human being doesn't like to lie down and digest their food for a bit before resuming their activities? The common room was relatively safe, he assumed, so why should he worry anyway? <:]

((ooc: omggg, it's been so long since I've RP'd here, let alone dabble with this fandom. I hope I can get back in the hang of derping around with Denmark xD This is Rooosie, by the way <:))
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